Particle problems.

I have a particle system for hair on a character with a tail. The character’s body and the tail are both covered in hair. So when I move the tail, the hair is still pointing towards the force field, keeping the body hair in place. the hair of the tail overlaps the hair on the body very noticably, so if I use 2 force fields on opposite sides with max distance, the results look horrible. Any ideas would be very helpful.

This may not be quite the answer you’re looking for, but the Blender particle system is undergoing (has undergone, in the SVN version) a major rewrite, and fur and hair will be handled in a completely different and much better way from now on. If this isn’t critical work that must be done immediately, I’d recommend you take a look at the latest SVN builds at and experiment with the Hair particle systems. You can add soft bodies directly to the particle system, comb and cut the hair directly (make editable, enter “Particle mode”, and press N to get the tools) and a lot of other things. Not a lot of tutorials out about this yet, though, since it’s under development. The new particles will be in the next official release. In the meantime there may be bugs so again, if it’s critical work be sure to back everything up (and don’t expect to be able to open up new particles work in an older version of Blender).