particle question (noob)

How do I change the direction of a particle system? I’m making a jet airplane animation with the jet trail based on the fireplace tutorial found on As part of the animation the actual aeroplane rotates in various ways, but the jet trail has a stationary direction. How can I fix this?


Okay. If you mean what I think you mean, then you don’t want to have a force on the particles. You want them to stay where they were when they left the airplane (with the excption of minor shift to simulate [whats the word?] when the particles disperse). To do this, set the random setting to about .2 and the damp really high. Of course you should play around with these settings until you get something good for the scene.

In the online doc (, you can find info on all the things I mentioned. Hope this helps!


I, on the other hand, read the question differently. To me, it sounds like the fact that the particle trail doesn’t change-direction with the jet is perceived to be the problem.

So, myee, would you kindly re-phrase the question?

I think what you want to use is the norm value instead of the force values- force values are a constant direction like gravity or a steady wind and the norm value shoots the particles in the direction of your emitter mesh normal - so the direction of the particles will turn with your jet. BTW - make sure the emitter mesh normal points out the back of the jet of course :wink: