Particle Question: Rising Particles to Fill Up Camera View

Hello Community!

I am fairly new to Blender and have been bashing my head against a wall trying to figure this out. Here I go:

Right now, I am currently working on a scene where a bunch of balls will slowly rise and fill up the entire camera view, so I created an object to contain the balls and made it transparent. Then, after some trials with the particle emitter with both fluids and newtonian options, I opted to go with the fluid options in the particle menu, choosing a viscosity of 5 or so, thus enabling the balls to slowly rise, fill the container and eventually the camera view. Success? No. Unfortunately, I ran into the problem that I have scoured the interwebs in search for a fix: the particles were clipping into each other!!!

After some time looking around, I stumbled across the Molecular addon; however, it appears that no matter what settings that I use, either newtonian or fluid, the balls spawn at the bottom of my container and do not slowly fill it up. With particle collision on, I was expecting that they would spawn, react with one another, and slowly move in the only free direction: up. (I did not have linking enabled as I do not want them to appear like they are stuck to each other). I then proceeded to tweak the gravity options within the emitter ( I have not messed with the default World gravity options) and have been extremely unhappy with the result; I do not just want it to look like they are floating up, rather just filling up the view. Next, I tried tweaking the default velocity on the Z axis, but I do not like how it causes a few scattered balls to shoot into the view before the rest do.

Any suggestions as to how I can achieve my desired effect?

My container is purely a rectangle with the plane mesh emitter at the bottom.

– Additionally, I was wondering: is there a way to rotate the direction that an emitter launches its projectiles,or does it naturally just follow the flow of gravity? I thought rotating the object might help my situation, but I am at a loss at this point.

I ended up going with the fluid simulation version. I eventually got molecular working; however, it was not taking into account any form or rotation that would occur in this scenario, so I opted to go for the version which was a little bit more dynamic–even with the clipping.

I’m not going to say it is impossible because I have no idea what Molecular is. However, perhaps you could make it happen differently, instead of changing gravity perhaps rotate the camera and just drop a bunch of them with collision set on geometry?