Particle Random Values

Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows how to assign random values per particle. I am trying to give random emission strengths per particles with cycles. I know you can use n.random() with a value node, but I think this only calls a single random number. I want to call a consistent random number per frame, but have it be different per particle. Any help is awesome!

There is a random value field under the velocity rollout. Set it to 1.0 for maximum randomness.

But the first thing that came to mind was to use a noise texture to drive the velocity. Then you could animate the z-location of the texture to drive the velocity change. But this feature does not seem to work in Blender 2.65.


265_rnd_velociity_particles.blend (253 KB)

Yeah thanks, I had thought about using textures, but I want a way around that because I like to shave every bit of extra memory useage I can. For the randomness, is it straight integers? Or float points? Has there been any Blender builds that allow a python script/function node as an input?