Particle Render Jumping Frames?

Hello! When I render my particle sim, 400 frames, the output images sequence jumps around after a certain point, the sim starts to render incorrectly.

Any ideas what could be going on?

Did you go in the particle settings and actually bake the cache there?

If you want your particles to be reliable, you need to manually bake them in the cache settings. The cache you get when playing the simulation in the viewport is just an unreliable preview and it can get deleted or do weird stuff at any time.

That was exactly it, thank you! Really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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Also for in the future what can happen. Even of you bake it can go wrong when you have “persistant data” function on in the performance tab of the render settings. Its a amazing function that saves allot of time with animations but if you have simulations it can mess things up. Even without simulations it can. But if it works it can save allot of time