Particle Rose


So this is one of my weekly projects that I put together in the last 6 odd hours up until the boundary between Thursday and Friday, since another project I was working on had some ways to go. Just an over processed rose :slight_smile:

Higher resolution

The ‘raw’ cycles render

Please, any questions or comments are greatly welcomed! I’d really like to hear from anyone who claims to have successfully created the water droplet on plant effect that didn’t go so well above…

its simple but its looking good, the model is very nice!
What ruined it was that weird logo on the back, sorry but it is uggly as hell

Thanks :slight_smile: I had tried making a rose before, manually placing petals etc, but this time I started with an array modifier + circle curve, and then manual displacement/proportional editing to vary it up, turned out much nicer much quicker

well, the logo is my sig, so while doesn’t connect itself with the idea of the image, it’s like my stamp – with the middle haphazardly changed to be a heart. No offense taken, we all have different tastes :slight_smile: (hopefully you can at least tell it’s a “duckcow”?)

but yeah, anyone have suggestions on the water droplet effect? I actually went with creating this because I thought with cycles it would be much easier to get it right. As a note, I did use an environment map, the raw render looks black just because I rendered the film (background enviromap) as transparent.

The logo kinda confused me to until I realized that it was your sig…
As for the render, it looks totally awesome!