Particle rotation?

Well back in Blender 2.45, I was using particle effects for a few renders, and the particles were all rotated randomly, which is what I wanted. Now with the new system, I can’t figure out how to get them to rotate at all any more. I’ve tried fiddling with the rotate section under physics, but to no avail. I attached a screenshot that shows what I mean by not rotating. Instead of the lines going in the exact same direction, I want them to face differently.

I’m thinking I missed something really obvious, but I’ve tried and can’t figure it out. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.


under rotation there are two drop-down lists that start as None, Set the top one to Normal and the Bottom to Spin, increase the random number and the AngularV numbers and see if you get some rotation.

Nope, nothing. I’ll attach the settings to show you want I’m doing.


Seems like you are using halos. I don’t know how halos can be rotated, but if you use billboards with textures on them, then the particle system’s rotation settings will work.

I’d like to find out how halos can be rotated too.

Yes, they are halos, but like I said, they rotated in 2.45 and I’m curious to why I can’t get them to rotate in the new particle system.

If I have to, I’ll use billboards, so thanks for that suggestion.