Particle Settings Are Not Visible!!

Hi, I have selected the plane (my emitter) and then I select the particle icon (see image) but the particle settings are not showing up. Have I made a dumb mistake or missed something or is there a problem with Blender?

Using Mac OSX 2.58
Mac Octocore (8 Cores)
NVidia GeForce 8800
2 GB Ram1

Hi, I have created an emitter and then added a group to my particle system. Nothing extraordinary I’ve done it many times before, but…

When I reselect the emitter to edit the particle settings the particle settings are not showing up under the “Particle” icon. Usually it takes a few seconds for the particle settings to appear but they eventually do, but this time they aren’t showing up at all.

I thought it may have been a bug in 2.57 64 bit so I downloaded 2.58 64 bit (latest official build) and the problem still exists.

I also created a new file to see if the problem was with that file but the problem still exists.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

Am I the only one having this problem. Hoping it’s not a video card issue or my computer. Can anyone using a mac with similar specs tell me if they are experiencing any problems. I am worried about this since sometimes when I type the letters go backwards until the computer catches up like this. iH ereht (Hi there)

no try scrolling up, (IE use the scroll wheel in the window your having the problem) this should scroll you back to the top of the panel

Hmm. Thanks, but I tried that and the window doesn’t scroll.:frowning:

hmmm well sometimes that happens to me, and thats all I ever had to do, so sorry I couldnt help more! :smiley:

Try clicking on the empty area of the panel and see it’s set to horizontal instead of vertical…

Thanks, yes I thought that might be it too but I had it set to vertical.