particle smoke wave effect - how to?

somebody has an idea what the best way would be to do this in blender now?
particles / smoke / dupliframes?

or plain geometry - it feels like an xray shader.

Looks like you could do it with a mesh, specular set to zero on the material, use the node editor for some blurring, map a cloud texture to the normals with a depth of six and a size of about 2. The colors you could do with a ramp, cloud texture, an image or whatever. The lighting looks really even so probably a hemi lamp. If you go shadeless you will lose the effect of the cloud texture on the normals though.

I’m sure there are other ways to do it. It’s just a suggestion.

it reminds me about a very simplified fluid calculation
opaque fluid mixed into transparent fluid.

hand modeling should be possible via mesh
but when you want to animate it this might provide some issues.

I am pretty sure I saw something similar somewhere but for the heck
I cannot remember it.

You could do this with cloth sim but personally I’d first try using a cloud texture set to displacement, mapped to an empty and animate the empty in Z to make it wave up and down. Material looks like it was done post processing.

This is a simple sinedots effect, with a color ramp.
Could be a sim with a ramp also …

Edit :
Would be cool to have a sinedots effect node in node editor …

Did you just answer yourself?

This very much looks like a photo of incense smoke with some color adjustments in post (this kind of photos are very popular in the 2D design world).
So you might get the best results with the fluid sim.

Sinedots like, believe me, few clicks, gradients --> popular 2D !

no i did not answer it to myself

I was more thinking about how to make it


And sindots is very very cool to animate in AE, got a bunch of $$$ once for clicking on it …

Sindots does indeed look cool and would be a fun pluggin but that, as I am told, defeats the purpose of Blender. To be a set of knives not a Blender (kitchen variety) so you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself, not rely on a simple button. Saying that though there are heaps of waaaay cool new scripts for just that way of working.

And the image reminds me of a scarf or silk blowing in the wind.


didn’t somebody do something similar already here?

or am I dreaming.

Can you give as an example that looks like the above effect?

No toshop, nor AE on my pc’s anymore, sorry.
Couldn’t even open my old files …

Edit :

just typed “sinedots” in vimeo search …

Can remember this :

That material and some cloth sim or soft body and your there I think.

It’s hard to reproduce with a sim, and even harder then to animate/control it as you want, I tried already.