Particle stream

playing around with particles
edit: I upload to googlevideo this is a mpg file.

broken link?

Whats a .dvd? I get a ‘cannot find’ message when I click on it.

free_ality: A .dvd is a movie file created with FFMPEG, just change the extension to .avi and you can play it fine (or use VLC Player).

ibkanat: It’s cool, how did you change the color of the particles as a whole? When i insert keys in the colour, the change is mapped to the life of one particle, not all of them at the same time…maybe you inserted keys in a texture?

You need to fix that googlevid link, got an extra http// in there

Bellboy I just changed the color by keying it at different frames. Looking at this video it turn out quite unimpressive… I will try to post a more impressive one. I only caught the top of the animation. I was using lattices and curves to change the paths of the particles. The rest is the same as coyhot’s fire for: the object changing size, transparent and specs motion blured in the nodes.

That’s looking good! Try using mouse recording to animate wind and vortex fields along with the colors of the particles. This was done with the “old” particles and no compositor effects. I’m sure some pretty incredible results can be had with the new Jahka particles!

Here’s a quick video of an animation I did similar to yours:

Here’s the .blend file for that video.

Here’s a tutorial on mouse recording.