Particle System crashing on M1 chips, Blender Version 3.2


I have run into my 3rd consecutive crash with the hair particle system this morning and have found regardless of what I do with it (ex. lower all the values in the particle system), it causes Blender to crash when I begin particle editing. The 3rd crash was really funky as I didn’t even move my mouse and Blender crashed on particle editing. Blender works with no hiccups until that specific point. As stated above, I have a 2020 MacBook Pro with the M1 chip: 8core C&GPU, 8GB RAM, 16-core neural engine. Miscellaneous: I have the Metal option enabled for rendering, as made available by version 3.2.

I would like to get help for my issue as I really want to continue my work on my model for my animation project.