Particle System Density Texture -> Particle Instance?

Is there any particular reason why when I have a particle instance modifier referencing a particle system with a density texture, the instance appears to ignore the density texture’s influence any time the particle system is updated. The only way to get the instance to show usage of the density texture is to disable the density influence on the texture, there by making the instance use the density texture?

Particle instance on cube:

Particles with density texture enabled works on particle system, but not particle instance:

Hmm… right, looks like I need to disable the density influence on the texture to use the density influence texture on the particle instance modifier:


Is there an obscure setting I am overlooking?


I had a look, and I think it is just an update issue
If you toggle the density checkbox {and sometimes other ones too!} then the particle system will be re-drawn
You get the same effect if you play the system so the particles move, and then reset to frame 1
I guess it is something to do with having the particle object and the particle system on different objects

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Even then, the density never matches up with the actual particles except when I disable the density influence. I suppose it’s not a big deal, but any time I have to make changes to the particle system I have to enable and disable density influence to update it. It seems rather buggy to me.

I also noticed that when I have density influence enabled and I change the particle system seed, every other step the particle count goes way down, then back to full count.:no:

sigh I have much better luck manually managing my own particles with pure python and duplifaces. Python may be slow, but at least the result is predictable.

I can confirm this was still not resolved and the whole process is so painful and buggy that it is just unusable :frowning: