Particle system for BGE?

Is there a way to use particle system in BGE? I know there are 2 solutions, but they are for creating effects (like smoke, fire, etc). I want the blender internal particle system to do more than just those current effects. anything out there yet?

You have to animate planes or primitve objects that uses alpha textures, scale rotate and move them around to create particles. Haven’t done it myself yet, combine it with video textures and you might get something that looks quite nice, PS2ish.

Any serious particle system would have to run on the gpu. All those that run on cpu seem to have very poor performance. If you don’t care about performance you can use static image planes.


particles.blend (889 KB)

I have it understood that, All particle systems in games always are basically planes with images(even AA).

C support for face/vertex group movements would be a huge start, for both editing and for particles.

have the item start with N faces (rate) that are X*Y (scale) that move in a direction local to the particle (x,y,z)
and support a tracking target.

Thanks for the tips guys (and girls if you are :stuck_out_tongue: )
where did you get the screenshot, BluePrintRandom? it’s an interesting concept, if it is one
I was referring to EasyEmit and X-emitter. I just forgot the names
I mean the other things you can do with particle systems. for example, use the particles to emit hair instead of being the elements (fire, water, smoke etc. )
Ok I’ll take the performance, cpu and gpu into account. How do I find out (except the hard way) what any graphical add-on runs with/on?