Particle System for Crowd?

I’d like to recreate a concert, (minecraft style animation) and for the crowd I’d like to use a particle system. What i’m looking for is to be able to make the people loosely move to the rhythm of the song. Is this possible?

Sorry for duplicate, didn’t understand system.


Maybe this would work.

create a fiew people, add displace modifier to each.

add an empty

set displacement modifiers texture coordinate to the empty

animate the emptys movement with a fiew keyframes

adjust the strength of the displacement modifier to something very low and add a texture. I think you will have to increase the scale of the texture in the texture panel. It should be a clouds texture by the way and the contrast of it may need to be adjusted.

This will cause slight changes in the mesh of each person you created when you play the animation, or at least in my head it does^^

The distribute them with particle system. If displace doesnt give nice results you can try wave texture. I think this only works for slight movement though, it will look very odd if you want the models to jump alot.

Could be a dance i guess…
Then, i’ve dropped some particle duplicated figures from a certain height on another plane: they would stomp nicely jumping up and down; by adjusting several available randomization parameters could turn into some kind of disco crowd.