Particle System Gives Up in Render

When I render my scene the particle system often gets screwed up, such as in this video.

What doesn’t really make sense, is that if I play the animation in the viewport, it can run it at a constant 60fps without a broken particle system. Note: I’m using OpenGL render active viewport.
I know that caching/baking the particle system would solve these issues, but if I bake to RAM, Blender just CTD after ~100 frames. If I cache to disk, it takes forever, getting exponentially slower. It can’t be the speed of my HDD, since I’ve tried using a RAM disk, and it was just as slow.


It looks like there is more than just a particle system at work here, so unless we can see the details other forces involved, and details of how your particle system is set up, it is very hard to tell where the problem may be. BTW, in my experience, caching to disk takes no more significant time than to RAM, but it is usually more reliable. Again, your mileage may be varying due to how your system parameters are set.