particle system group render bug ?

I am currently making a text intro based on Andrew Price sizzling title intro tutorial. Created a group of objects which want to use instead of standard particle objects. When i render the scene as halo particles all is ok, but when i render as group, the particles gets under the plane, as if the normals of the ground plane were facing the wrong direction, but that is not the case. They should be on the upside of the plane. What i am doing wrong?
(sorry for bad english)


Text.blend (1.41 MB)

Not a bug. The position of the objects origin (large dot when you select an object) is important. It is the actual location of your object, in your case this is floating above your object. You need to reset it for your particle objects. As soon as you open the blend file you attached use Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C / Origin to 3D curser (with the curser at the grid origin). This will position the objects origin at the base of the object.


Text.blend (159 KB)

Thx for the quick replay. Works perfekt.