Particle system help (fire problems)

I have followed the Blender 2.6 Tutorial (realistic fire) tutorial found at successfully before. Im trying it again in a scene and am having a problem. The flame takes the shape of the domain (which is a cube) half way through the animation and stays that way. It looks good other than the fact is is the shape of a cube. Any help would be appreciated in making this flame look better. I posted a video below the scene isn’t finished but I cant get past the flame issue

Not really seeing it. Quality is low. Have you apply scale to domain?

Scale is applied. I’ve been messing with the settings and have improved it some but it is still lacking. The tutorial I’m using just tells you what settings to use but doesn’t really say why. Its a good tutorial and all I’m just trying to learn the particle system a little better so these things make sense and Ill be able to work these problems out.

here is a still of the updated fire…not perfect but better I think