Particle System Help

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of some helpful info for the particle system. I am following the tutorial “Modeling and Rigging a Cartoon Looking Spider”, and I don’t quite follow how the hair is made.

In the “Object” panel, “Particle” buttons, click “Add New”.
In the “Particle System” tab change “Emitter” to “Hair”.
In the “Physics” tab increase “Normal” and “Random”.
In the “Particle System” tab click “Set Editable”.
Change to “Particle” mode.
Press “N” and play with the hair tools.

You can check the manual, there must be a lot about the particles system.

Thanks alot ManOfSteel. I read the particle system page in the wiki Manual. It didn’t really say to much about hair, however if its thats simple im sure I missed that part.


You are so correct about that.!!! That section really needs expanding. Especially the parts about children and the option in the N key panel