Particle system ignores texture space bounding box


i’d like to use a blend texture with particle system in order to dissolve a text with a gradient effect. After few simple steps it goes wrong:

  • add text -> alter -> convert to mesh (texture space remains on default: auto)
  • add particle system
  • add texture to the particle system -> change to blend (mapping remains on default: auto generated)
  • run animation: the first letters issue particles at once, than one can see the expected gradient effect, than last few numbers issue particles again at once. While I expect a gradient effect applied to the whole object.

Looking preciously, one can see that gradient is applied only for x=-1…1 coordinates (counting from the object origin).

Toggling the texture space of the object with[“Text”].show_texture_space = True
I see a correct bounding box. So why the particle system doesn’t see it also? Am I doing something wrong? Is this somewhere documented?

P.S. Blend file is attached (Blender 2.71).

P.P.S. I saw people using a trick to workaround the issue by creating a plane, scaling it in object mode and using it as reference for the texture. So could it be a bug in Blender?

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This was a bug and it is fixed.