Particle system inside a particle system, how?


I have a really weird situation. I’m quite new to Blender and the forum so bear with me.
I am making a bush (a small tree), so I have one main branch, a branch mesh and a leaf mesh.

So, I added a particle system on he branch (not the main branch) so there could be many leafs coming out of it. That works fine. Then I added a particle system on the main branch so many branches can come out of it. That is also fine.

The problem is, that I can render the branch with all the leafs, or the main branch with all the branches, but not the main branch + the branches + the leafs on all of the branches.

How is this achievable?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same problem, I´ve been trying to replicate a tree I created with particle leaves which makes the tree a lot lighter to handle but when I add the particle system to replicate the tree on top of the mesh I want, it will replicate the trees but will not show the particle leaves that the original tree had. I also tried using dupliverts and it works but in this case I would have to create vertices on the places that I will have the trees, this is helpful if I’m trying to place trees one by one like in a row but I want to fill up an area with trees at random locations and random sizes also using weight paint. I hope someone can answer this question.

It’s cool that you are trying to do tree from scratch, but why not use Sapling Add-on.

Blender can’t do particleception yet, it’s being worked on as we speak. Maybe in a couple of months