Particle System Issue - Wing won't materialize properly

I am currently working on a starfighter that has three sets of wings that materialize while in atmosphere, problem is? I can only get one of the wings to actually materialize properly - IE: From the ship itself. The other two wings seem to material out in ‘space’, meaning away from the ship and then slowly the faces will appear inward toward the ship.

I’m trying to figure out why the particle system on one wing is working properly but the one on the other wings is not. I’ve attached the .blend file in hopes that someone can figure it out; all you need to do is start the animation and you’ll notice what I mean. (although again I’ve had to turn it into a zip file since uploading the .blend continues to fail :frowning: )

I’m wondering if I just haven’t tipped a setting properly or if perhaps I am using the wrong ‘kind’ of settings.

Attachments (1.09 MB)

I couldn’t figure out the problem, but what I did was I deleted the two malfunctioning wings and replaced them with duplicates of the working wing. Everything seemed to work fine afterwards:
Zerofighter I (1.1 MB)

Strange how that worked, because I did duplicate the wing twice in order to make two of them and that’s when I ran into the problem. Strangely though now that I’ve attempted that again it seems to now be working… I wonder if my program was bugging out or something.

Anyway, thank you Jeen! :slight_smile: