Particle system not showing up in viewport

I had arrived at this point via a great tutorial by CG Geek on how to create a realistic forest with misty clouds. This issue occurred while I was working through the misty clouds effect section of the video. I was setting up the “Cloud” plane to be the object displayed as hair in the Particle System created for the larger! plane spanning the whole landscape. However for some reason after checking all of the visibility for this Particle System, I still can’t see it in the viewport.

I am unsure if this is a bug, or maybe I had missed something that prevents me from seeing the “Cloud” Particle System. If you have any suggestions on how to resolve this, please let me know.

First maybe linking the tutorial can help to quickly see where you at. In the top right corner i can see you only have one visibility option active (The eye). With the dropdown menu above you can see more option like the monitor icon and the render camera visibility. Activate them and see if your particle system was hidden there.

The use modifier stack can also sometimes solves this (in the particle system settings) and also have a look at the hide emitter option maybe you activate it by accident (also in the particle settings tab).

Otherwise upload your blend file and someone can look at it. I highly doubt that its a bug.