Particle System - Object(particles) doesn't spread at the surface properly

Situation: I am trying to make a flower by setting my petal object as a particle system for a cylinder.

Problem: Whenever I add a new particle system for the cylinder, set type to hair & use the object as particles under render settings, the result always appears that the petals are going THROUGH the cylinder, rather than having it spread on the surface of the cylinder.

I want to know why this happens. I even tried using a plane instead of a cylinder, but every time I set the particles as an object the object went through the plane and not on top of the plane. How can I fix this??
Please help!! Thank you!

You haven’t included a blend file to review !!!

The origin of the petal object is not at the base of the petal
Check rotation of the petal object
Ensure face normals are all correct (Ctrl+N)

For specifics SHOW US YOUR BLEND FILE, there is just too much guesswork involved given the lack of information supplied