particle system of an object that has a particlesystem of an object

ok first, i got a tree, with a particle system to add leaves, then i got a plain, with a particlesystem to add the trees, can i somehow make the leaves show up on the last particle system?

here is a blend file that shows my scenario,
i want the tiny trees to apply to the cubes on the plain. play around as much as you want.


demo.blend (471 KB)

Hi, here is your answer, it perfectly worked for my project : Particle emitting particles

they seem to be using emition, and simulating it, im not doing any of that, im using hair rendering, and nothing will be moving…

i simply want to have the ability to turn off all the leaves on the trees to get better preformance in the viewport.

You didn’t even try it… It works for emitter and hair…