Particle-System + Parenting + Time-Ipo - Problem

(hweihe) #1

Anyone knows how I can create a particle system which is attached to another object and emits only at defined intervals?

I am just creating a tooth brush which brushes over some teeth. For each stroke I want some particles to be emitted (spittle).

I made a mesh with a particle system which emits between frame 1 and 100. Per Time IPO I mapped this emitting to the frames when the actual strokes occur. (New particles each time the tooth brush scratches over the teeth). The emitting mesh is parented to the tooth brush.

Now the problem: The time-Ipo affects not only the particle-system but also the location of the emitter. I got particles at the right moments, but at the wrong place. Allthough the emitting mesh stays attaches to the tooth brush, the particles occur where the tooth brush has been between frame 1…100.

Thanks for your ideas! (I hope you have any…) :o

(theeth) #2

you chould change the affectation of the time IPO in the Animation buttons. I think you could affect it only to the partiecles. Not sure though…


(hweihe) #3

I found the buttons you mean. Can’t test it now, because I have the file at work. But the tool-tips over the buttons sound very promising. I think that’s it!

BIG THANKS! :smiley:

(hweihe) #4

:frowning: Just tried it. The buttons are for the time-offset and not for the time-IPO. It still does not work. Shit!


(theeth) #5

darn, sorry for giving you the wrong info… :-?

What you could do is make instance copies (Alt-D) of the emitter and change the Sta and End frame of the particles for each copies.


(hweihe) #6

No problem, it’s always nice to learn some new buttons. :wink:

Looks like the instance copies are the only solution. Or I just fake the effect with one emitter that don’t move at all.