Particle system questions for Group Particle systems and weight painting

Hi. Its been a while. A really long while.
On that note though, I have a couple questions.

Minor necessary information: Blender 2.79b, GTX1080, Cycles

First question: I am modelling a tree, from scratch, without using speed tree. I wanted to create a particle system that would randomize the location of smaller branches (and subsequently leaves) based on a weight painted setup. I weight painted the model, and I created the particle system. My issue is, most of the particles are appearing on one side of the mesh, rather than the other. Also, they arent emitting from normals. I have set scale/location/rotation to 1, as well as recalculated normals, however, I am still getting this issue.

Second Question: Can I reverse the weight paint, in such a way, that the second particle system will use the opposite of the first? How would I go about that? Would I just paint a secondary weight paint? If so, how would it allow me to do a second weight paint. Add vertex group, weight paint in that group? Or is there some way I can tell the second particle system that I would like it to use the opposite of the first weight paint? Maybe an inverse node? Or some sort of inverse command within the particle settings?

Oh, right a picture:
First one is without randomization in the rotation (to give a more real look):
Second is with:
Third is weight map:
Fourth is render with no textures:

Edit: Ah, I forgot to state, this is only a single branch test. This isnt the whole tree…in fact, later I plan on converting the two particle systems I have now, then applying the branch and the converted particle systems to another particle system based around a tree trunk. I hope to make many iterations of branches, so that they wont all look the same. Thanks for reading.

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