Particle System, right position of rocks an a surface (doesn't work)

Hello Artists!

I’m new here and in blender and (who would have thought) I have a little problem.

I’m modeling a mars like surface and I use a particle system for the rocks (type hair)
At the moment I follow this tutorial:
I clicked “rotation” in the render section also did I try that “x-axis” thing where you have to rotate your objects to 90°. Well, due to the “rotation” mark in the render section I at least got the rocks upidedown, but horizontal but they are still inside of the plane that I’m using as the basic surface and … upsidedown :joy:.

The tutorial is about 3 years old mybe some things have changed I guess… But can anyone help my fix this problem? :smiley:

Hope that someone can help me :grimacing:

looks like for upright objects as hair particles, rotation is now -90° on Y

Ahh I see… I should have tried that :smiley: I thought I did, will check it out later, thank u so far! :blush: