Particle system scene scale

Hello blender friends. I have question about scaling and particle physics. When i set up scene with large objects - collissions and particles. It works fine for me. But what if I need particle system at smaller objects in my scene? If i scale down both collision object and emitter and even if I aplly scale I have “wrong” simulation. Particles are moving way too fast and interact with collisions in unpleasant way. Messing with settings in particle system led me nowere. So question is - is there way to make particles work at small scales. Or I just need scale up whole scene to match particles?
Sorry for bad spelling. Thank in advance.

I have the same issue. Simulations do not work at small scale.


I have the same issue but in the opposite direction. Despite tweaking the particle settings ad nauseum, I can’t get my large scale particle systems to work the way they do at small scales. It seems as if the range of settings for particle systems is not broad enough to affect particles at both extremes of the scale spectrum. If I find a solution, I’ll post it, but I’m trying to renew this thread in the hope that someone has found a solution.

So I guess this is not possible since no-one has provided an answer. I guess we just need to submit a feature request.