Particle system using collection

Hi, I’m facing an annoying issue and maybe some of you has a solution.
I’m using a collection for scattering with a particle system. I scatter the whole collection and in that case the particle system uses the world origin of the collection which is really problematic. To fix this I should move all my collections used with particle systems to the world origin which not simple to manage for selecting them and so on considering that I display them with the bound box to reduce the overload of the particles.
Any simple idea ?

Isn’t there an option to change the origin of a collection? By default it’s the world but if I remember correctly you can change this, maybe then it will take that origin and not the world?

There’s an ‘instance_offset’ parameter that can be used to offset the position of the instances (object properties>collections panel)… It let’s you have the collection in any location… Unfortunatly the offset must be multiplied by the scale of the particle, and this won’t work if the particles size has any randomness. :frowning:
But if ‘scale randomness’ is 0, it’s simple to have the collections in another location appart from the world origin.

Another possibilty is to have your collections in different scenes, and reference them from your main scene.

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Thanks to everyone for your help.
Indeed using the collection offset may help, this is a workaround but I think the developers should really think about that issue because it’s not very useful and by the way it’s a half solution as you cannot use random scale :-/
Will see what solution I will retain as not having random scale is problematic.
Thanks again anyway :wink: