Particle system very buggy ???


somebody working a lot with the particle system?

I found it to be very buggy …

like collision working adding wind removing wind and collision is
not working anymore. Creating a new particle emitter and collision
works for some time…


Now when I add any collision objects now matter where it is it crashes blender
or makes the particles go straight and ignore every wind and tunnel mesh !


Well Jahka can’t fix them if he doesn’t know about them, make sure he knows.

I have found it helps clearing the cache each time you change anything to do with particles. and then hit alt A, but start at frame 1.

Levon I M DOING that.

Doesnt change a thing.

blender crashes now - I guess I should send him the blend file to debug.


cekuhnen, can you test a really recent build (less then 2 days old)
then write detailed bug report with your blender revision number with exact steps to reproduce, + blend files if needed.

If its a crash, its can be easier for others to fix so using the bug tracker would be good since Jahka is fairly busy now.

:o Uh! Sorry for ignorance… But, how does one clear the Cache?
(Coudn’t find where it happens, yet…)


n problem

under bake tap is the clear cache button.

Ideasman, I will try to do that this week. We decided to go with a simple path animation or particles, the rest is to difficult at the moment or my skills are too much like swizz cheese :wink:

Honestly I dont think the new particle system is ready for prime time yet, theyre bug’s all over the place, and I hope they dont make it into the next release, The bugs are to numerus to name, and clearing the cache will only help some few of them. I also noticed that the abilty to start particle systems before the start frame are gone now also , (sta = negative number) I hope this is temporary as it will mean you will have to render a bunch of frames for an animation that youll just end up throwing away (since rendering is a very time intensive thing one doesnt need to waste it on anything). I made some very nice particle systems, only to make one change and the whole thing goes haywire… with no apparent way to fix it, except to save right before you do anything .


sounds like my situation - one small addition and all goes boom.

It is still fascinating to play with the system.

On newer builds(27 april)there is a really serious bug,hair particles get rendered only one time,if you try to render another time blender crashes.
The new particles are really good,people should help in finding bug and put them on the bug tracker.

I too think the particle system will need a lot of work. There has been lots of progress in the hair aspect of the new particle system due to the Blender Foundation project, but the regular particles have a lot of rough edges. Aside from possible bugs there are some other design problems:

    • Curve Guides: I know they are depreciated for use with hair / fur, but they still have a lot of very good uses. Currently particles don’t seem to respond to animated curve guides. Also there is no live update to particles when modifying the guides. (yuck)
    • Once particles / hairs are baked, we need to be able to key the control points using IPOs so that they can be manually manipulated over time.
    • Particles of all kinds need to generate motion vectors. Currently this is possible with hair / fur in b-spline mode, but not with normal particles. (Try doing motion blur in the node compositor when using particles as sparks, I have to resort to the old-skool motion blur, which sucks.)
    • I’m sure there’s others I haven’t run into yet.

I hadnt realized that the curve guides wernt working. Although the curve guides were really bad at guiding hair, they did have some uses with general particle systems, I hope theyre not being removed for good. They should be improved upon not removed, if anything we need more control over particle systems , not less.

@cekuhnen : thanks for the indication (clear cache)
@ all : can’t grab what this BAKEry is all for… i still just do my stuff and render… and it works. Or am i doing such simplistic basics that it just doesn’t matter?

You bake the particles so that you can then use the hair / fur tools on them. (i.e. brush, cut, etc…) If you don’t like what you’ve done, you un-bake it and it goes back to where it was before and you can start over.

I think they are not being removed - if I would consider it sad.

They are a good tool for guided animations.

Thanks FishB8
…got to go around with this yet too…! ;p

I tried it alot ike coth, softbody, particles, hair, WIND all works.

I’m trying to texture particles properties like rough,size,lenght,clump,dens and so on with uv textures on a partial combed hair particles system(basically I want to comb fur and giving it some random behaviour with textures),but it seems texturing particles properties doesn’t work,only vertex group works.
Someone succeeded texturing particles properties with uv texture?

Yes. Don’t forget to set the DVar (to zero for example)!

  1. Density works only if you set the particles editable afterwards (because it is the parents density).
  2. Rough is a scaling factor for size1/size2, so you have to set rough1/rough2 to something different than zero.
  3. Length works as I would expect it.

and so forth