Particle system with self collision help

I am trying to make a jar of gumballs but I can’t get the particles to play nicely and fill the jar. They just fall into the bottom the entire time with collision enabled for the jar. They also fall through the bottom as well. I’ve been looking up ways to fix this and the only thing I could find was the molecular addon script made by pyroevil. Even then, I can’t figure out how to get the particles to fall into the jar properly because they just fly around as soon as they collide. It would be great if someone could either explain how to use the molecular addon or how I can simply fill the jar mesh without it.

here’s a picture of the viewport with the jar set to wireframe and the collision settings shown

and here’s one of the particle system

What I know you need to bring particles into rigid body simulation.
Liero wrote a script that converts particles to a real objects so they can be animated as rigid body.
Check the sample file.

How to use rigid body search some basic tutorial (it’s a simple) or check wiki:
(in general you need to set objects as acive / passive.)

Optionally, instead of Liero script you can just array (copy) a sphere to a moth equal that will be enough to fill a jar.
Place them above the jar and let them fall into a jar.

Good luck :slight_smile: