Particle System without a Halo.

I played around with the new unborn feature, it works well but i cant get rid of the halo texture of the Particles.
If i just add a Texture to the Emitter object it makes no big difference.
The Object should look solid in the first frames.

I tried to use a Cube as Particle (Dupliverts on) but then the Emitter Object look like its build up from Lego-Blocls in the beginning.

It is posible couse its shown here…

Any ideas??

What do you want it to look like if not cubes? For Hair you need to map it to Strands in the MapInput tab. You can set strand thickness in the Material tab with the Strands button.


Maybe this will explain it.

I start with this Text converted to a Mesh:

If i add particles i cant get rid of the Halo effekt that looks like this:

With dupliverts and a Cube as Particle this is the best i can get out of it:

I just want to have a plain even Surface at the beginning. Thats all.

/giggle… what do you want to do? have it “blow away” like dust?


Exactly! :smiley:

I thougth it would be easier.
With a transition to the Solid object it looks nice.
But its a litle bit disturbing.

I tried it and the only way seems to be to scale the cube smaller.

There is another way though, without particles; if you subdivide quite heavily and then use a Build Effect (modifier in F9) it will build from nothing to fully built. Then put a Time Ipo on the Object that goes from 1 or more to 0 or less it will build backwards. To mix up the build sequence hit Hash (F9 Mesh Tools) in Edit Mode a couple of times. Unfortunately it’s never convincingly random. You could get around this by seperating the letters into seperate objects.