Particle system wrong side.

Hello all
Im working on a glass (drink)
Im using particle system to add water drops on the glass.
The problem is that the particle system uses the wrong side of the mesh.
I checked, and the normals is going the right way.
Anyone can tell me, what is wrong ?


You need to give us some information!
A .blend file maybe
Drops inside?

Or outside?

Best of luck


I dont know how to add a blend file, i made this image so you can see.

Its like it reverses the normals or something like that.

Ps. I have to add, that its on a vertx group, if that make any difference.

I see you have Emitter Geometry -1,000. I can’t - only +


Please can you explain why “cannot - only +”?
Because setting the normal direction is the way to change the side of the mesh where the particles appear

Without being able to use the normal setting you are going to have to create a work around:

You could duplicate the mesh (or at least the vertices of the vertex group) and then reverse the normals of the vertices.
Then you can have particles with a + normal setting on the surrogate mesh, obviously do not render the surrogate emitter!

Another alternative is to rotate {and apply the rotation!} to the particles being instanciated on the emitter
With the origin point the same the particles now face the opposite direction so they are instanciated as if they were on the other side of the mesh

Hope this helps