Particle systems visible behind object alpha 0.000?

Is there a way that I can see paricles behind an object that has an alpha level of 0.000?
Like this:

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Turn on ZTransp for the sphere. If you see a specular, turn Spec to 0 or turn on OnlyShadow.

Ztransp works. However its not giving me the same effect as RayTransp. Because I need to use IOR. Is there anyway to make it work for Ray Transp?

parent a cube/sphere/face/anything with a halo texture on it to your emitter… currently, pure halos are not seen by the internal raytracer, because they are the result of post-pro if I have well understood…
so if you want particles to be reflected, refracted, seen through raytransp objects, turn them is something “solid” :wink:

yeah, particles [halo materials] don’t show in raytraced portions of images, so you’ll need to use an environment map instead

you can do some fake refractions using an environment map

if the blender 2.0 book was online, I’d be able to show you the tut…

The Blender 2.0 book is online.

Scroll down to the part where it says “Refraction in Solid and Hollow Glass by Randall Rickert”:

The .blend files the document talks about should be in one of these zip files:

If particles are the result of post-pro, why would they show up in envmaps…? I hope it works for you!

Hi !

Have you tried the Unified render ? It can solve some problems with halos and Raytracing… I used it in the past for a laser beam made of halo, which couldn’t be seen through a glass showcase, using the simple render.