Particle to Text Animation

Hi this is my first attempt to create such an effect.
The Particles forming a text, i simply created a text, created a new particle-system, selected undead, and than i simply rendered the hole scene backwards…ok there is bit more tuning…:wink:

It took me 2 hours of rendering…

Hope you like it…^^

Here is a screenshot:

and of course the video:

EDIT:Here you can find the .avi
This has a better quality.


Hey, very nice. I’m using an effect like that for a ‘warp in’ scene in a movie I’m making. You better hold on to your pants though. :stuck_out_tongue: Cause there’s an upgrade coming for the particle system that’ll blow you away.

Keep it up. :]

Thx, but…What for an upgrade?
I mean, the particle system within blender is not that bad, but i think the hole system is a bit neglect…
Do you mean the update from Jahka?

If so, this rocks, i really enjoyed the videos… especially the keying video…