particle vectors?

As a first project I am trying to do a simple starship which is “spun up” as part of the animation. My thrusters for adding rotations are simple tubes with a velocity of 0.2, they don’t look great but it’s all an experiment anyway.

The problem I am having is the ship has a non-changing vector. The particles should really have the ship’s vector but they are falling behind. I’ve worked around the problem by moving the camera and leaving the ship in place, but if I want two ships with different vectors this won’t work.

Does anyone have any pointers/suggestions on how to solve this problem?


Hello Cidran.

Did you try using damping and also played around with the “Object” settings in the particles motion tab?

I’m only using object settings in the motion tab. That was the only way I could find to get a stream as opposed to a burst. I just tried damping but it did not seem to have a major impact. I’m still getting a train smokestack effect instead of a space/vector effect.