Particle visualization as "Object" not working

I am trying to make the particle flames described in BlenderMag #16 and when I set the particle visualization on the particle emitter to “Object” the particles are not visible when I render the scene. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Using v. 2.49b

Hi! You are not alone. I have just posted a message about that. Particles objects appear to not be rendered in Blender 2.49b. After some more test, it appears that they were already not rendered in 2.49a.

It is the third non fixed bug in the particle system that I have found, and I’m very annoyed, because I’m working for months on my 4x4 Autodrive system, and I will release the "official version "including the Tracks Creator in a close future.

The Tracks Creator in its last version uses particles to generate tires tracks.

Users will have to use it with 2.48a, because of 3 bad bugs in the particles system, and I will have to add to the blend file a script writen by Atom to fix one of the bugs, already presentin 2.48a : Hair particles not refreshed at frame change when using an animated texture to animate gras, for example.

We’ll have to report one more bug for the objects particles not rendered, but the bugtracker seems to not having been read for a long time…

My fear is to find all these bugs again in 2.5 !