particles and animating their life

Is it possible to make the zoffset of a particle’s texture change over their lifespan? The usual way (the way you do it with alpha) where frame 0 is the beginning and frame 100 is their death doesn’t work for zoffset. It changes them all at the same time. (as far as I can tell)


I don’t know the answer to your question but if its possible you could have some amazing effects…especially if you used a very large texture with a great number of different shapes/alphas/colors in it, and then scripted it to slide the image around so you see different parts over the life of the particle. Thats a great idea you came up with! (even if you didn’t come up with it, its still cool)

no, there’s no way AFAIK to do that and all the other texture settings animatable by IPO are no interpolated in the particles life (sadly).


Well…thats unfortunate. I guess you could use an animation to accomplish the same effect though correct? An animated texture?

I never tried, but I would be really surprised if that worked.


Well there’s no harm in trying. Unless thats the one thing that causes your computer to explode…on second thought don’t try. hehehe. I don’t know anything about particle systems yet and I’m away from blender at the moment so I can’t give it a shot :-?

it doesn’t. :frowning: I tried: They all animate at the same time, not relative to thier lifetime.


Bummer…people keep saying the system needs work. I guess its true. 3DS Max has a thing or two to contribute…its particle system is amazing. I used it to make a model of a snow gun that really sprayed snow! :smiley: