(*particles and curve guides*)

Im having trouble with my ‘hair project’. My problem is with the particle movement and deformation

When i use the curve guides with the particles, the particles change in length, and if you use maxdistance its even worse, then it makes thes arrow shape, the hair in the middle are the longest and gets shorter the further away.
Is there aby way to stop this from happening?

also my other questions :
ho do you set particle collision, iow how do you make the particles collide with meshes (softbodies or not)


could you post a screenshot? I dont quite get what you mean.

will do :smiley:


^^ there you go.(if the image works)…as you can see, the particles affected by the guide is longer than thos not. Ive tried scaling down the guide, that works, but only if you make it as long as a dot…it will however make the difference if you make shorter particles

The other problem is that some times when i animate it, the particles go all weird and dnt directly follow the guide e.g when the guide is in a twist, the particles will rather go shorter than bend

(if image doesnt work go to the link (hope THAT works) http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/42d7d5c9_18194/bc/Blenderparticles/particles.bmp?CCemEvDBr00qEPJA

hmm… that is weird… are you sure youre using 2.40? also, if it’s not too much trouble could you show me a screenshot of the curve guide settings and the particle settings? (both tabs)

yep, it 2.4…i thought thats normal…you might be thinking about ‘additive’, if thats on the length change a bit less, but still does, and then the hair doesnt really bend

ill try to do it later

In the particle motion tab, increase the value for the keys beside the bspline button. Maybe you had it set to 2. Then it would not be able to bend. Higher values makes it conform to the curve guide better.