Particles and Image Sequence?

If I had an image sequence that I wanted to use as a texture for my articles how should it be applied to the material of the particle system to get it to play at the birth of each particle rather than from the first frame of the timeline. ?

I currently have it applied to a plane that is being used an object for the particle system,

Thank you

particles in cycles have an age, its in the particle info node.
Not sure how you would animate in between images… but it can be done with lots of nodes…
you need to build something similair to an IF then construction, so that particle age = x then bitmap node x is used

something like this, maybe needs some altering in nodes (often wonder if i need upper or lower one in comparing nodes).

it can be extended 4 nodes each on row downward for each age.


Thank you will Give this a try!
It’s a shame it seems like it should be an option you just toggle on.

Was even considering trying Animation Nodes to see if i could find an answer there.

Thanks for your help.