Particles and IPO - doesn't cooperate?

I am a newbee at particles and I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, trying to vary movement of particles:

  1. I put a plane, make it an emitter for particles
  2. I open IPO window, choose Particles mode and try to var X-gravity, Y-gravity etc.
  3. I bake particles and they seem to have some initial values for X-gravity, but it doesn’t change…

I upload blend source with sample partice+ipo attemp…
What am I doing wrong?

PS. Sorry for my english :wink:


test-part-ipo.blend (381 KB)

Nothing, all is good and well, though you obviously suggest a different outcome.

Rule No. 1: A particle ipo of 100 frames is evaluated in the lifetime of the particle (by default).
So lets take a look at the ipo curve for GravX. It has a positive force till frame 78. So the particles are accelerated to frame 50*0,78 = 39. Then they are accelerated in the opposite direction and get slower at the end.

Rule No. 2: You can’t set the particle speed directly. :cool:
Accelerating an object is something different than settings its speed. You can only set the starting speed.

Read also this page about time and particles.