Particles and Metaballs


I am some what not able to parent metaball objects to a particle system.

is that not possible ?

Under the Visualization, choose ‘object’ and name your metaball or other object to use it as you particle representation. I’m not sure about the old way of parenting - I can’t seem to figure that out either.

The old way was to use Dupliverts. You would parent the meta ball to the particle emitter and then turn on Dupliverts. But, the new way using the visualisation tab is simpler.

Also, to add to DichotomyMatt’s info, the cool thing about the new particles is you can randomize the size of the object visualization in the Extras panel :slight_smile:

Parenting was the wrong term! I should have said that I used the object field already!

Oh it works now - I got a new build as well. Before it never accepted the name I entered.

Boy the meta balls slow the particle system down :wink:

O course, I have to really drop the number of particles on my laptop to get it to work here - otherwise it does slow to a crawl with all the meta balls :slight_smile: