Particles and Random Halo Lines

In a previous version of Blender, I don’t remember the version number but I think it was 2.4 something, I distinctly remember creating a photon torpedo using the following method:

  1. Scale the default cube to 0 % and do W -> Remove Doubles

  2. Set material to orange halo w/ 3 lines.

  3. Set up a particle system, beginning emitting on frame 1 and ending on frame 61, with a total of 60 particles and a life of 1.

The idea is that 1 particle will be emitted each frame and die the next–only 1 will be visible, but a different one every time. When I rendered it in the old version, prior to the new updated particle system, the lines were randomly changed for each particle. Now, I tried it, and it rendered the same configuration of lines, resulting in a completely boring torpedo.

My question is, what do I have to do to make each particle have the lines laid out randomly?


…maybe I should download an older version and just make do with that??