particles and static

In all tutorials will be refer to the wonderful static button.
With that function you could fix the display of particles and at changing the settings it was show you the new one.

This button is abolished since 2.46 obviously-why? Is there a compensatory function?
The fiddling with ALT+A is more heavy-going as to push a button.

The “static button” means “Hair” at the all versions after 2.45.Feel free to play with options at the new one and will be wonderful again .
F7 >Particle System panel Add New >Type of Particle System pop-up choice Hair
Physics ,Visualization and Extras
panels allow you to manage particles.
Combination with Strands (F5 > Links and Pipeline panel>press Strands button set Start =3 and End =.25 …or what you want ) is good idea for Hair
…and don’t worry be happy!:smiley: