Particles Applying Velocity Of Parent?

I’ve got a moving object (moving via position keyframes) with a child, and that child has a particle system that fires particles forward. Is there a way to make the particles use the velocity of the parent when they are spawned (so that if the parent is moving forward quickly, they spawn moving forward faster. Note that I do not want the parent to have any influence on particles after they spawn - if it changes direction later I want the already-spawned particles to keep moving in the same direction as before.

Is there any way to do this?


there’s an ‘object’ slider at the end of the velocity panel… set it to 1 (or type any other value)

I’ve tried that in the attached file, but for some reason, the projectiles emitted by Plane only get part of it’s velocity, rather than all of it? Any idea why that is?


BlasterShooter.blend (728 KB)