particles baking range?

Hello, all!

Got another quirkie question:

I have an animation 5500 frames long, with several frame ranges where particles (and/or cloth sim) are at work (3602 through 4200, for instance). Should I bake only those ranges where physics is active, or the entire range? - 1-5500?

I would like to use either vSwarm or bevyRender, but since I have animated cloth permanently visible and moving, I have HUGE physics cache (4,5+ Gb), and its size appears to be prohibitive…(

5500 frames is it a big animation?How you make it and where you make it?I think nobody show such big animation on this forum which you are sharing with us.

In my experience (which is not very big) what it is important is to bake the beginning of the animation (no matters if the physics start at frame 1 or 1000) for the physics to work properly.

For example, lets say your animation starts at frame 1 and ends at frame 100 and your physics start at frame 50 and ends at frame 75. What seems to work (for me) is to bake at least from frame 1 to 75.

And anyway, my physics are always quite simple but the baking files are always very big, so I wouldnt be very surprise if the files go to one or two Gbites.