Particles cant emit force fields, or: Blender is not very procedural.

I just made a scene to test whether or not I could have a particle system emit particles which would have attached, instanced forces to influence other particles. This doesn’t seem to work but would be a basic requirement for any particle system in a high end production environment.


particles_emitting_forces_v01.blend (2.49 MB)

If anyone knows how to make this work, I’m all ears.

Does this help

That was my first thought, but then found that the self effect doesn’t have the same controls as what you would find after adding a force to your scene. And why only two slots?

I was on the 3DS MAx advisory board for Autodesk years ago and we comprised the committee that would give UI guidance for product development, having actually used the software in production. Blender doesn’t really have that and so the user interface becomes kind of an ad hoc jumble, not really suited to actual high-end work.

And I can’t seem to find direct lines to the programmers to talk to them about this. It is pretty frustrating because I see the great potential for Blender to cross the tipping point and actually start getting used in bigger and bigger shows.

I sure would love to figure this out though. I think maybe there might be something on this page that may help me, maybe:

The top image shows the controls for a vortex force in the scene. The bottom image shows the internal particle self influence force slots with a vortex in slot 1. As you can see, you don’t get the same controls.


I remember someone working on particle nodes at one point, which is what Blender really needs.

Last post: over a year ago. That’s not good.