particles controled with textures

i would like to control the particles with textures.

i have a human body on the ground. i baked AO texture on the ground. now i would like to use the AO texture to control where particles are created. so the AO texture would remove the particles udner the human body.

can i use the weightgroup modifier to control the particles with the texture? or is there any other way.


Add the texture to the particle system and in the texture settings set the influence you want



can we somehow use the textures to control the vertex weight and then the particles?

the AO texture is very soft. using the the AO in the texture setings to control the particles is not very good since it makes the texture very sharp.

Just adjust the texture Brightness/Contrast/Saturating in the texture settings or just soften your texture.
Also with using the texture you don’t need to multi-subdivide your mesh to get enough vertices for a good vertex paint.

the texture is already soft.

but here it position’s the particles like its sharp.