I tried to apply the new particle system’s patch to today’s cvs, and it wouldn’t build. I cleaned out my cvs thing, and rebuilt it from scratch, and it didn’t appear to have the new particle system in it. (i.e. vertex groups, faces, etc.). How might I get it with the latest cvs?

What compiler/build sys you use?

Anyway, try cvs update -P -A -d instead of just -P -d

-A resets sticky tags
-d creates missing files/dirs

I use make. Is the particle system supposed to be in cvs? is the patch supposed to work on the cvs?

1)Yes, I personally built it yesterday with make, doing nothing but straight CVS update, and all new particle stuff worked.

Hmm… Are there other patches, e.g. explode patch? Ton did some refactoring of the original code, so they possible cause conflict now…

ok, I updated it again (clean again, took two hours :x) and it’s there now. Sorry for the useless post.