Particles Density addon

As my daily work depends on planting objects (vegetation) using Particle System, I always find very limiting and time-consuming to manually adjust the particles count all the time as I progress with the scenery.

As I haven’t found any solution so far, I have refreshed my “so-so programming skills” and ended by creating a very simple, but at least for me very useful Blender (2.79) addon, which does this job for me. It is not especially beautiful piece of code, but I think it is very well optimized performance-wise (I tested it on my particles-heavy projects) and it appears to be working :smiley:

Original Behavior

Normally, you set the total Emmission Number to get a density you are happy with.
But as this is the constant number, the density gets lower as you Weight Paint more area (and vice-versa):

Addon Behavior

With the addon, you set the Density parameter instead, and the Emmission Number is adjusted accordingly:

Additionally, even if you modify the emitter mesh, the density keeps the same:


  • Install it as an usual Addon, search for Density and enable it

  • The new Density settings can be now found in a Particle System tab


  • Each Particle System has now it’s own Density settings (which can be Enabled or Disabled)
  • Once enabled, the initial density value is set automatically to match the current density (so it doesn’t mess-up your work)
  • If enabled, the Emmission Number is now controlled by the addon (so don’t modify it - it will be changed back until you disable the density option)
  • The extra option Update Tolerance is an optimization feature and is useful when using high number of particles - it let’s you set a minimum difference (in percentage) between the configured density and the actual one before the count is updated); it is a global option (Addon Preference), so it will keep the same for all your Blender projects


  • The density expects an even mesh as it is currently computed using the overal mesh area, not taking the actual vertex group area into account (this is TODO)
  • As my programming skills are not exactly award-winning ones, maybe the script is doing something extra I am not aware of, so beware :slight_smile:

NOTE: Use at your own risk!
Please be very careful when using the addon, nobody tested it extensively so far (except myself), so even though I haven’t found any bugs, there are almost certainly some - please report any issues you find!

I have placed the addon to Github and would be very happy is someone can test it and report any bugs.



Hi jendabek,

looks fantastic.
Are you planning a version for Blender 2.8?

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Hi and thanks, some user on StackExchange already offered making necessary edits to get it work in 2.8, but if it doesn’t happen, I will try it by myself, it should be quite easy. I made 2.79 version because my work relies on features that are no longer available with 2.8 (advanced baking and some BI-specific stuff).

Sounds good to me.
I wish you much success and look forward to the new version.

very useful… thank you.

Really great addon, thanks so much jendabek!

I just released a small addon that in conjunction with yours solves a problem I’ve had constraining consistent amounts of grass and trees in architectural renders to only the cameras I’m using.
Here is the repository: